3 Things to Know When Traveling With Anxiety

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If there’s one thing that most people in this world deal with, it’s anxiety. And one of the main reasons why most people don’t travel is because of the anxious feeling one gets from, or the thought of, traveling; flying in a plane, theft, kidnapping, politics, missing their train, not knowing the language, money, finding food… I could go on forever. I’m not going to lie, I get a lot of anxiety when traveling but the kind that I get doesn’t hit me until I’m already in my destination. I’ve had anxiety attacks on planes where I’ve asked the guy next to me if I could lay my head on his shoulder, in a hostel on the first night in Singapore, when I moved to South Florida with no real plan besides the fact that I gotta make it happen.

And that’s what always happens – I MAKE IT HAPPEN. And that’s what you have to remember.

1. You Have to Have Confidence in Yourself

One of the many reasons why most people don’t travel is also because of the what ifs; what is my plane crashes, what if something gets stolen, what if I get kidnapped, what if I fail. The real question is though, but what if you succeed? You need to have confidence in yourself that you will figure whatever it is out if anything out of the ordinary happens. Because when you’re left in a situation where all you can do is figure it out, that’s exactly what happens. That’s what happened when I got my purse stolen in Nicaragua, my passport stolen in Costa Rica 3 days before I was flying back to the U.S. and when I almost got sued in Taiwan. You will figure it out. Trust yourself and breathe.

2. You’re Not the Only One Who’s Traveling With Anxiety

When you have anxiety about a situation and are surrounded by people who seem so chill, remember that most likely one of them is feeling the same way. When you do new things or meet new people it is almost guaranteed that you will feel some sort of anxiousness. One thing that I always kept in mind was if I felt too overwhelmed I could always ask for help. Everyone has experienced this and knows it’s not pleasant so I bet that if you needed help you could get it.

3. You’re Going to be Okay

One of the most beautiful gifts God has ever graced my life with is travel. It’s so deep, colorful and overwhelming that I don’t even know how to put it in words. To be anxious over your travels is normal and good, in a way, because you’re growing! You’re breaking the shell and learning new things that you might not have learnt if you stayed home or in your same situation. You’re going to be okay¬†– I promise!


Anxiety effects millions of people all over the world. What are some ways you get through anxious times while traveling?

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