7 Beautiful Ways to Start Your Day

Lately, I’ve been caught up in the hype of making money as I start to plan for a short trip through Southeast Asia. During this trip we plan on doing many exhilarating things like diving throughout the coral reefs of the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand, trekking deep into the rainforest in Malaysia, exploring the ancient temples in Cambodia and the rice fields of Vietnam. And before any of this, we are planning a trip to the Philippines in late January to stay with a friend and hopefully obtain my diving certificate (WOO HOO!). It all seems like a dream until I remember my debt and the money I need to save to do everything. Traveling isn’t all sunshine and daisies – I get caught up. I get caught up in making money for my trips, stressing to pay my huge bills and often times forget about the now and how beautiful it is. I’m truly a blessed child of God.


So what are some ways to unravel your mind and start your day more beautifully?

  • Explore a new terrain with a nice morning hike –  Seeing something new or achieving a goal is like a drug to me, so naturally I love starting out my days with a hike. Once I dominate the trails, I get ready for work and am more ready to take on the next challenge that the day may bring.
  • Balance your morning with yoga –  Recently I’ve started practicing yoga daily (or as much as I can) with The Ultimate Yogi program. It’s been both physically and mentally rewarding while helping me get through my day stress free. Yoga is definitely becoming one of my favorite activities.
  • Spend a little more time on you – You wake ten minutes before your alarm goes off and you don’t know what to do. If you can, put a little extra effort into your daily routine. Every girl loves to look and feel beautiful and lets get real, those headband days happen too often. So spending an extra ten minutes on your hair and makeup will be worth it and will give you that extra boost to take on your day.
  • Read a chapter in your favorite book –  Reading is beneficial in more than one way. Picking up a book in the morning can take you on the adventure you might not be getting in real life and could totally change your mood for the rest of the day.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast –  Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and it’s so true – you are what you eat. Eat a healthy breakfast in the morning and I promise you won’t get the afternoon blues. My favorite breakfast is eggs and avocado on toast with fruit. If it was easier to find avocado in Taiwan, I’d have it everyday!
  • Make someone smile – I love being goofy, totally outrageous and down right crazy sometimes. And since I’ve moved to Taiwan and teach around 40-60 kids a day, I’ve learned the best ways to turn that frown upside-down 😉 Making someone smile is the best feeling in the world. Send your family a funny picture, write a long lost friend a nice note or just be completely goofy to someone and give them a laugh. You’ll have fun doing it and get a good laugh in yourself.
  • Have a dance party to your favorite song – I don’t know about you, but good music can do a 180 on my day. Not to mention, if you put a good song on there’s a good chance my dancing shoes will come out. Good vibes and feeling free is one of the best feelings in the world. Take advantage of that experience one morning and I bet your bottom dollar you’ll have a weekly date with your computer.

    Know another beautiful way to start your day? If so, please share below!


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Kollin Lephart
Kollin is an avid traveler and entrepreneur. When she's not working as a Marketing Consultant, she's strategizing ways to make Every Girl, Everywhere even better. She's passionate about helping people, traveling and living the best life possible.

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