5 Ways Busy Travelers Can Stay Fit

exercise1My whole life I’ve been that girl that was always really busy and stressed out. I would try to get involved in everything I could and sometimes bite more off than I can chew. This semester is no different. Between taking 21 credit hours, working at my internship and starting the Every Girl, Everywhere blog, I’ve been crazy busy and have been slacking on my healthy eating habits and exercising. Don’t get me wrong I would much rather be a busy bee than a lazy bum.. but this isn’t what I would necessarily call easy.

About a week ago I had to cancel my gym membership for both money and availability reasons. It wasn’t something that I wanted to do, but ever since I’ve been finding ways to stay fit during my busy weeks.

Here is my list of ways to stay fit when you’re a busy woman like me.

1) Veggies all around! Make the majority of your meals filled with the needs vs. the wants. Yes, that burger might taste good but do you really think that it’s going to give you the energy and nutritional value you need?
2) Climb don’t stand. Instead of taking the elevator up to the 8th floor, take the stairs! Your booty will thank you later 😉
3) Drink lots of water. I’m really bad at drinking water and get charlie horses all the time. When I do drink water though I find that I’m more energetic, think more clearly and experience the physical benefits like having clearer skin and smaller waist. Water helps you lose weight. SCORE!
4) Be a go-getter! Wake up 30 minutes before you normally would and go run. If it’s cold outside, do crunches, squats, push-ups or yoga. Starting your day out with exercise is always a good idea.
5) Be competitive with yourself and others by making a game out of it! Turning an exercise or diet into a competition is a great way to get motivated. Anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you!

Being busy all the time can definitely weigh in on you, but if you stay focused on your goals you can achieve anything!


Kollin Lephart
Kollin is an avid traveler and entrepreneur. When she's not working as a Marketing Consultant, she's strategizing ways to make Every Girl, Everywhere even better. She's passionate about helping people, traveling and living the best life possible.

3 thoughts on “5 Ways Busy Travelers Can Stay Fit

  1. These are great tips for everyday life, but not all applicable for people on the road. Still, nice to think about! Staying fit is definitely a huge mood booster for anyone dealing with stressful situations like constant movement or just a weird culture.

  2. I’ve been on the road in Mexico and Central America for the last 5 months.. I’m still in nearly as good of shape as I left in. Why? Because I’ve made an effort to seek out gyms in every location I’ve visited. It’s cheap and it feels great to get a real workout in! Nearly every city I’ve been to has had a ‘gimnasio’ in walking distance 🙂

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