A Guide to the Best Beaches in Barcelona

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There’s something for everyone in Barcelona, Spain and I’m not only talking about the shopping. With a population of over a million and hundreds of attractions, it’s easily one of the most talked about cities in the world. Barcelona is known to be a tourist hotspot during the hot season and there’s only one reason for that; the beaches.

Barcelona’s beaches are worth the time spent traveling to as they each have their own unique characteristics. Some offer a more quiet climate for the book dwellers and others, a picturesque scenery and beaches for those who want to “hang loose.”

Like I said, there’s something for everyone in Barcelona and the beaches are there to prove it.

Here’s a guide to Barcelona’s best beaches fit for anyone’s needs.


Imagine a quiet, clean beach complete with your favorite book and a hammock; that’s Ocata Beach. Located about a half an hour from the train station, Catalunya, enjoy the scenic route along the coastline and jump off at the Ocata stop. With nicely priced chiringuitos, hammocks for rent, clean golden sand, cheap hotels, and relaxing surroundings, it’s no wonder most locals would recommend Ocata Beach for your beach day destination.


If you’d like to do a little more than just relax on the beach then you’ll really enjoy Calafell Beach as it’s rich in its heritage and a good day trip destination. You can find mostly families and locals at Calafell along with sand castles and sand angels. Calafell is over halfway between Barcelona and Terragona and well worth the travel if you’re interested in a more educational day.


A tourist hotspot and only 30 minutes south of Barcelona you’ll find Sitges Beach and “gay resort.” Along the beach are restaurants and bars filled with English-speaking workers and clean facilities for changing. It’s a less crowded beach than the famous Barceloneta, with a slightly older and diverse crowd. Lots of families enjoy this beach as well because of the family friendly atmosphere and calmer waters.

Platja de Castell

The best picturesque beach location in Barcelona. If you’re willing to travel an hour and a half north of Barcelona you’ll find crystal clear waters, majestic coves, and pine forests surrounding this beautifully undeveloped beach. Come to this quiet area for a photo opportunity and adventure or to just lounge with your favorite magazine. You won’t be bothered by the hustle and bustle here as there’s no restaurants, no sweaty vendors, just you and the beautiful landscapes around you.

El Torn

For the brave and carefree, make your way to El Torn Beach for a bikini free day. Yes, it’s a naturist beach and the largest and most popular one at that. Not only does this sandy terrain have beautiful waters, but also a naturist campsite equip with restaurants, bars, pools, a market and even a cinema! El Torn is a little farther than its sister beach, Mar Bella, but well worth the distance.

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