A Thank You Letter to Taiwan and What’s Next?

Thank you

It’s 12:45 a.m. and 3 days away from leaving for my big trip to Southeast Asia. As I’m sitting here finishing up some freelance work, I’m thinking about my trip and future endeavors.

But not only that, I’m also thinking about my favorite class today, the kind woman who held her umbrella over my head so I wouldn’t get drenched in the rain. The time I almost got sued for my AC unit breaking and how many times I ripped my pants this year while in school… sigh. I’m thinking about the many selfless people I met and the absolute best learning experiences I could get outside of the classroom. How Taiwan is and was so much more than I ever imagined, and how I’m extremely thankful for this blessing in disguise.

I want to say thank you to this beautiful country, but I don’t know how else to express it other than through the written word.
So here I go:

Thank you for your kindness

In my life I’ve never met such wonderful, caring, loving and altruistic people. I’ve been shown so much compassion and generosity that at times I’d get overwhelmed by it and the Taiwanese would look at me funny. In Taiwan, it’s not uncommon for someone to go out of their way to help you, so when I’d show extreme gratitude it was a little overwhelming. This is something they did everyday and something we all should learn from.

Thank you for your hard-work

The people of Taiwan work incredibly hard and expect you to do the same. As an adult that’s worked since I was 15 I know what it’s like to stay after, come in late or even pick up extra shifts to makes ends meet. I’ve witnessed so many people in Taiwan slave away for little to no money. I’ve seen assistant managers work extra hard even if they absolutely despised their boss. When I look at the way the people work here it makes me think about how much I’ve complained about my job in the past. I want to work even harder than I do now because of them and all their hard-work.

Thank you for your patience

So so so many times did I get lost, forgot to grade homework, had to call for someone to help translate, gotten confused when someone said something, said the wrong thing in Chinese, and ripped my pants. And so so so many times did they help or patiently wait. When you’re in a new country with new rules, a new language, a new culture and just everything in your world in frickin’ new – you tend to get a little lost at times. There are so many things that you must think about when in a new country. So I thank the Taiwanese for being patient with me and my mishaps.

Thank you for your honesty

I couldn’t tell you how many times I left my scooter keys in my scooter or how many times I’ve left a big bag of money and it was untouched.. just kidding. But even if it was true, they would have left it untouched. A friend once told me that someone had left a big bag of money at this party (don’t ask me why they had a big bag of money, I don’t know) and that a Taiwanese person picked it up and put it in the corner of the yard. Supposedly no one messed with it and all the money was still there. Do you think that’d ever happen in your country? Probably not, right? So that is why I thank them.

Ohh and I also thank them for their honesty because they’re always, truly honest and don’t try to sugar coat things. I don’t think I’ve ever been called fat so many times in my life (by the kids). So yeah.. thanks 😉

Thank you for everything… really

Like I said before when you move to a new country and everything is new to you, you’re bound to mess up a few hundred times. That’s okay. Here I felt comfortable and confident and didn’t have to constantly worry about – well, anything! I feel totally relaxed and thankful for the experiences and people that I’ve met. So thank you, Taiwan, for everything!


Now that my time is over in Taiwan I must move on but keep the experiences deep within me. This place has changed me forever and I’m eternally grateful for that.


So what’s next?

The above post was written a few days ago, but NOW Caleb and I are in Singapore! We’re actually leaving tonight to head to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia then after a month we’ll be on our way to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and possibly Vietnam!


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