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Y101Well, hello!

Welcome to Every Girl, Everywhere, a travel and lifestyle blog for women who love to get lost in the city and take the roads less traveled.

I’m Kollin, 27 years old, writer and photographer living in Keelung, Taiwan. Currently I’m working and traveling in search of the unexplored trails, mom and pop shops and wonderful people who make this world worth living. I’m an adventure seeker with a keen eye for the beautiful and mysterious.

My love for travel blossomed in the summer of 2012 when a friend and I decided to go backpacking through Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Those two weeks of exploring the third world culture was a life changing experience that inspired me to further my knowledge about the world and what I can do to make a difference. So now, I’m here in Taiwan working to pay off my student loans while volunteering at the local beach shops, traveling and finding my place in this world.

I believe that life’s too short to have regrets and that’s why I try to live the most interesting life possible. If there’s an adventure available – I’ll take it. 

Thank you to all who support me and Every Girl, Everywhere! 


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