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Welcome to Every Girl, Everywhere, a travel and lifestyle magazine for women who love to get lost in the city and take the roads less traveled.


This is Kollin. Co-founder and Editor of Every Girl, Everywhere.

Currently working and traveling in search of the unexplored trails, mom and pop shops and wonderful people who make this world worth living, she’s an adventure seeker with a keen eye for the beautiful and mysterious.

Her love for travel blossomed in the summer of 2012 when a friend and her decided to go backpacking through Nicaragua and Costa Rica and she hasn’t been the same since. Now she’s traveling the world working while paying off her student loans, volunteering, starting new business ventures and exploring new and exciting ways to inspire women to take hold of their dreams.


This is Madison. Co-founder and Editor of Every Girl, Everywhere.

Madison travels for the food and the languages. After majoring in Russian in college, she knew that there was nothing she loved more than learning a new language. A decent speaker of Russian and okay speaker of Spanish, right now she’s working on adding Mandarin to her repertoire. Her focus when she travels is on living, speaking, and eating like a local. Long hikes and scooter drives are her favorite activities when she drags herself away from a book and a glass of wine. Madison moved to Taiwan in 2013, sight unseen, on a whim, and it changed her forever. A full-time freelance writer and editor, her goal is to write and photograph all the locations that she visits to either help others plan their trips to those locations or to spread the love to those who can’t make the same trips she can.

Madison’s goal for Every Girl, Everywhere is to provide a resource for female travelers with questions about safety, health and wellness, and genuine travel experiences. The tourist attractions are great, and worth seeing, but her travel style follows the off the beaten path route, and there’s nothing she loves more than finding herself in the middle of something she’d had no plan to do.


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