Best Things to do in Khao Lak, Thailand

It was a small town that we hadn´t heard of, but Caleb and I are always down for new and exciting things. ´

Khao Lak is a quaint town that was qiped out by the 2004 tsunami that is remarkably cheap for the traveling nomad. There’s no full-moon parties here, but plenty of other stimulating things to do if you know where to look.

When we had just arrived in Phuket, the super-famous beach town in Thailand… we absolutely hated it. Naturally, we were looking for our next destination that was a bit more quiet and less touristy, a place we could go and veg out on the beach without getting bombarded by people trying to sell us something. I would say, and I think Caleb would agree that Khao Lak was one of our favorite places while backpacking through SE Asia. 

So what are, in our opinions, the best things to do in Khao Lak, Thailand?

11165292_434568663378984_5105554947479252119_nKhao Lak-Lam Ru National Park

The park costs 200 baht for adults and is a vast 78 miles (125 km) filled with waterfalls, lookout points, beaches, and mangroves. We didn’t go deep into the park because it was closed, but were able to hike along the coastal areas and relax at the Small Sandy Beach. It’s a great place for some exercise and animal watching, as well as picture opportunities. 

LiveAboardBeach copySmall Sandy Beach

This secluded patch of sand is very nice and relaxing toward the end of the day. If you plan out your day right, you can start off with breakfast, go hiking along the coast and end up at the Small Sandy Beach where you can soak in the sun a bit longer and watch the sunset. If you park near the entrance to the park, the walk back to your scooter/car/whatever isn’t far.

Police Boat 813International Tsunami Museum

The museum is small but definitely puts life into perspective when seeing the pictures and reading the stories. The Police Boat 813 is huge and still in good condition but crazy to think the boat made it all the way inland as it is. Don’t plan to find many souvenirs to buy – just food to eat and maybe some little nick nacks.

chicken fried riceBang Niang Market

Try the kabobs and coconut slushies! You’ll find tons of foods and goodies to buy but make sure to walk around first before you buy anything – the prices don’t compare to what you can get in Bangkok. This isn’t the best market I’ve been to, but for a small town it’s pretty good.

Similian IslandsThe Similian Islands

We dove with the Sea Dragon Dive Center and was so glad to have picked them. Our trip out to the Similian Islands couldn’t have been better thanks to their superb service and passion for the sport. The Similian Islands is a MUST if you’re a diver and along the Andamen Sea. The islands are known for some of the best diving in the world and Sea Dragon Dive Center offers some talented dive instructors and masters at an affordable price.


Khao Lak is located 50 miles (80 km) north of Phuket and west of the Similian Islands. For great places to stay, check out my post on where we stayed and what we thought about it coming soon!
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