5 Tips For Having the Best Time In Hawaii

hawaii landscapes

A trip to Hawaii is an exciting adventure and makes for one of the most perfect vacations imaginable. If you’ve never been you might be wondering what to think of this little chain of islands, as well as where to stay and what to do. Read on for five tips

Best Things to do in Khao Lak, Thailand

It was a small town that we hadn´t heard of, but Caleb and I are always down for new and exciting things. ´ Khao Lak is a quaint town that was qiped out by the 2004 tsunami that is remarkably cheap for the traveling nomad. There's no full-moon parties here, but plenty

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Malta Now

I don't know about anyone else, but I've heard little to no things about this beautiful place called Malta, an island 80 kilometers (50 miles) south of Italy. An island that's been kept a secret to those who haven't yet explored Europe or zoomed in on their google maps, is one that

The Best Less Touristy Things to do in Myrtle Beach

Image by Pon Xayavong via Trover.com Nothing is better than quality vacation time in a beautiful destination. Imagine beach days soaking up the sun, sand between your toes, and then heading out to dinner for a delicious meal while watching the sunset. It's perfect, right? To some, it's complete madness to do

8 Things to Know Before Traveling to Charleston, NC

Photo taken by Amanda Williams via Trover It's a well-known fact in America that North Carolina has one of the most unique cities in the country — Charleston. In fact, the city's been named America's Best city four times in a row and voted second for the World's Best City in

5 Family-Friendly Activities in Newport Beach

Photo by Shawn Evans via Trover  Family vacations, for most, only come once a year and are an essential time for growth within the family. Why? Because vacation is a time for relaxation, family, and friends, and allows you to focus more on the quality time spent with the ones you love. Family

Top 4 Markets and Bazaars in Istanbul

Photo by Adventurous Kate via Trover.com The historic elegance, unique culture, and spectacular hotels are just some of the reasons why millions of travellers visit Istanbul each year. With a city of nearly 14 million people, you begin to wonder what hidden gems lie beneath its surface. The markets and bazaars

Most Interesting Attractions to Visit While in Montreal

Image by Ryan de los Reyes via Trover.com Named as the UNESCO City of Design, Montreal is home to an array of festivals, tourist attractions, and unique architectural design for every tourist alike. Find yourself lost in the historical Old Montreal where dramatic architecture resides, or become educated at the many

7 Tips for Planning Your Vacation to Amsterdam


Photo by Elizabeth Rubio via Trover.com Known as the “Venice of the North” because of the beautiful canals that run through the city, Amsterdam provides many attractions, not only from the canals but because of the breathtaking architecture, history, and thriving art community. Planning a trip to Amsterdam can make you feel