Top 10 Activities to Enjoy in Gopeng, Malaysia

gopeng malaysia

As Malaysia is increasingly becoming more popular there are many things to consider when traveling through this beautiful country like transportation, costs, food, stay and activities. But anyone who knows Malaysia is aware that it’s not only cheap, but offers unlimited activities ranging from bravely walking along the edge of

1 Month Volunteering with Radak Adventure

Today marks 3 weeks and 4 days into our 4 week stay with Radak Adventure in Gopeng, Malaysia. When we first got here we weren't sure about this place. What I mean is... we felt like most would feel not knowing someone, unsure of where you're staying, and just the

Week One Backpacking SE Asia: Singapore and Malaysia

It's quite a weird feeling leaving your new home to go on an expedition. A week before we left for Singapore I was scrambling to get everything done: sell all my things, transfer money to pay my student loans, pack and re-pack after weeding out all the heavy stuff, finish

A Thank You Letter to Taiwan and What’s Next?

It's 12:45 a.m. and 3 days away from leaving for my big trip to Southeast Asia. As I'm sitting here finishing up some freelance work, I'm thinking about my trip and future endeavors. But not only that, I'm also thinking about my favorite class today, the kind woman who held her

Video: A Collection of Memories in Taiwan

Happy Monday! Last night I decided not to do Weekly Wanderings and instead share with you my newest YouTube video on my adventures in Taiwan. I'm deeply saddened that I couldn't capture more, but that's why I'm going out tomorrow to explore and hopefully get some juicy stuff :) Don't forget to

Life in Paradise on a Backpackers Budget – Philippines


Every month I get heaps of emails asking me how I travel while paying off my college debt. Just recently my boyfriend and I traveled to the Philippines for two weeks and spent less than $1300 including our hostel, food, drinks, over 20 coral and shipwreck dives and my PADI

Trekking Taiwan: Volcanos, Waterfalls & Mountains


Hiking, surfing, scuba diving, rock climbing, night markets - it's no wonder I rave about Taiwan being Southeast Asia's best kept secret. It's a country filled with outdoor adventures just waiting for you to traverse. One of my favorite things about Taiwan is the vast hiking trails and mountains to