Diet Plans That Work Perfectly For Travelers


When you’re on the go, you know how challenging it can be to find nutritious food that keeps you on track with your diet. Whether you’re running through an airport terminal or stopping at rest stops, your food choices are often between fried foods, candy bars, or something equally off-limits. If you’re committed to staying on track with your healthy lifestyle, there are a few diet plans that work well for travelers. Here are some of the best:


If you’re using Trifecta and on the Paleo diet, you know the benefits of eating non-processed foods. And you probably don’t want to get off track by any trips you have planned. Staying on a Paleo diet while you travel requires planning ahead. But it’s definitely a travel-friendly diet. Since much of the Paleo diet revolves around whole foods, if possible it’s best to say at a hotel or rental that has a full kitchen. This way, you can make your own Paleo meals or bring your Trifecta pre-made meals with you and store them in the fridge. Since Trifecta’s meals are vacuum-sealed, they travel well. But they do need to be kept cool during transport so be sure to pack some ice bags and a cooler if you’re taking your meals on the go.



One of the best things about Nutrisystem is their non-perishable items. You can easily pack a suitcase full of shakes, bars and other self-stable items to keep your snacks and meal replacements healthy throughout your trip. If you’re traveling by car or if permissible by airport security, you can also pack a cooler full of Nutrisystem’s ready-to-eat meals and heat them up from your hotel or destination. Since the Nutrisystem diet provides all the nutrition you need to stay on track, it’s very easy to travel and achieve your health or weight loss goals.  Plus as PureHealthyLiving has identified Nutrisystem cost doesn’t break down that bad for the consumer:



Yup, it’s all one word. Diettogo is a newcomer to the diet meal delivery service world, but it’s rapidly growing and offers an award-winning menu. Diettogo provides fresh meals and has options for people with diabetes. You can even pick up your meals at certain locations, so if you regularly travel to one of their pickup location areas you won’t need to worry much about transporting your food.



As another new meal delivery service, Freshly has a similar concept to Trifecta and diettogo. Freshly uses whole food ingredients and the meals are never frozen. While one of the advantages of Freshly is that the food is fresh it’s not necessarily designed for weight loss. If your goal is simply to eat delicious, real ingredients then Freshly is a good choice. You’ll need to keep the meals on ice for transport, though, and eat them within a few days of delivery.



Since this company provides diet-friendly, unique meal plans for each customer, you can adjust your needs for when you travel. Choose to transport meals or snacks on the go, or opt for a program that’s delivered only when you’re home from travel.

Aside from the meal services above, if you find yourself without your diet foods while you’re traveling, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Consider what snacks are approved on your diet plan
  • Choose a fresh veggie as a snack over something pre-packaged
  • Remember to hydrate often (water is best)
  • If you fall off the wagon, just make your next meal a better choice

Of course, there are other diet options aside from meal delivery services. Travel-friendly options include:


Ketogenic diet

A lot of people think that the ketogenic or “keto” diet is not travel-friendly. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Shelf-stable and readily available items like nuts, pork rinds, canned fish and canned chicken are keto-friendly and easy to find on the go. Most coffee shops have heavy whipping cream to add to your coffee, and eggs and bacon are also easy to find on the road.


Weight Watchers

With easy to track SmartPoints, you can find Weight Watchers meals at most chain restaurants throughout the country. In this respect, Weight Watchers is a very travel-friendly diet if you frequently find yourself on the road.

Remember that while your commitment to your diet is important to staying on track, the stress of travel can have significant wear on your body. If you feel yourself getting bloated or gaining weight even though you’ve stuck with your food plan, you should speak with a doctor and try to get as much activity as possible while you’re traveling. A 20-minute walk or some simple stretches can have a positive impact on your overall wellness.

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Having trouble keeping that extra weight off while traveling? I know … it’s hard! Leave your comments below and if you have any tips, please share!

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