Diving in Koh Lanta with Lanta Diver

Sitting in my cool AC room a day after returning from a 3 day live aboard trip to the Similian Islands, I find myself reminiscing on our past experience diving in Koh Lanta with the ever-amazing dive center, Lanta Diver.

It’s important when diving that you find a company whom you really trust and are comfortable with. Lanta Diver completely exceeded our expectations from the minute we walked in to ask about their prices and we’ve been in awe ever since.

So what made our experience diving in Koh Lanta so special?

Scuba Diving in Koh Lanta

We dove in what most say is one of the best diving sites in the world.

Hin Daeng (Red rock) / Hin Muang (Purple rock) – The most famous dive sites in Thailand and for good reason, the two giant pinnacles that are located right in the midst of the Andaman Sea make way for the most beautiful reefs and aquatic life. Note: It was our first day diving with Lanta Diver and we were at the end of our dive about to ascent when we saw a majestic manta ray! Too lucky…

Koh Ha (The five islands) – This dive site is spectacular both in the water and out. The islands are made up of limestone rocks that pierce out of the ocean, along with a quaint golden-sand beach. The water here is crystal clear, turquoise, and deep sea blue. The diving is spectacular and suitable for all ages. Here is where we swam with a 12 ft whale shark for 60 minutes! Guys… it was only our third day diving with Lanta Diver. #Insane

Koh Bida Nok – At this dive site anyone can enjoy the water and wildlife as it’s accessible to all diving levels. The underwater life is diverse from sandy bottoms, slopping reefs, a great wall, small caves and large crevices and a great selection of both hard and soft corals. Black tip reef sharks, leopard sharks and turtles are no strangers to this site as well as many other exotic fish.

Diving with Lanta Diver in Thailand

Lanta Diver provided friendly, professional dive instructors

Caleb and I love diving and enjoying the thrill of it all, but we also love learning about what we’ll be seeing so we know what to lookout for while diving. Yes, most dive centers are required to do a review of the aquatic life, however, that’s all they do – just tell you what you’ll see. Our dive instructors informed us of the unique characteristics that each fish, coral or plankton would have and a fun fact that made us eager to find them. How fun!

Along with their super interesting informational sessions, the instructors kept it very professional while making you feel like their best buddy.

Fairly Priced for Quality Diving

For a great price we had the opportunity to swim with a Whale Shark, Manta Ray, turtles and other popular aquatic life. On both the speed boat and large boat we felt comfortable and was fed a delicious breakfast, lunch and snacks along with unlimited water. We always felt comfortable whether it was on the boat or in the water. The prices range depending on the season and number of people you’re going with, so be smart when planning your trip to Koh Lanta! Caleb and I were there at the very end of their busy season, right when Songkran hit.

Lanta Diver Food

Plenty of Food For All

If there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that no matter how hard I try to eat healthy, in small portions, or even go on an insane diet – I love food! Diving with Lanta Diver was the best not only because of the reasons I stated above, but also because they fed you an ungodly amount of delicious food so that you had enough energy for your dive ahead. If you have any preferences, please be sure to let me know in advance so they can prep for your trip.


Have you ever dove with Lanta Diver? If so, tell us about your experience below! 

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