Enjoy the Melting Pot that is New York as a Vegetarian

New YorkNew York is one of the largest melting pots in the US, so it’s no wonder the city houses foods from all over the world. From Chinese food to Italian, to Indian, to Thai, almost any specialty dish from a myriad of different countries are easy to find. Foodies from all over the world visit New York here to try some of its delectable dishes.

The sad part is that most of the dishes focus around meat, so what about the vegetarian or vegan who wants to taste foods from all over the world? Don’t worry. New York has your back. Here are just a couple of vegetarian and vegan restaurants that will leave you more than satisfied.


A Korean-inspired vegetarians paradise is one that’ll make your shoes fly off – literally. This restaurant offers foods ranging from thin leek, kimchi, mushroom, and mung-bean pancakes to maitake mushrooms sautéed with spinach. The quiet staff serene atmosphere help calm you as you take delight in the dishes served.


Probably New York’s only kaiseki restaurant, Kajitsu offers the centuries old Zen Buddhist vegetarian cuisine known as shojin, from which modern-day Japanese cooking is believed to have been developed. We see a lot of the restaurants food match with its atmosphere as the nature scene takes place. Nothing you eat will shout for attention but more like meditate in your mouth its delicious simplicity.

Dirty Candy

Originally in East Village, this restaurant is now situated in the lower East side with three times as much space as the original building. Inside you will find the open kitchen at the heart of the restaurant with one long bar on one wall. This delicious restaurant focuses on one vegetable, but has recently changed to share multiple ingredients.

Caravan of Dreams

Located on the East side, this delectable restaurant has an almost endless list of items to choose from. Try the grilled seitan nachos, black bean chili, stir-fries or what they call “live foods” made from uncooked vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Master cook can even whip up a specialty meal with almond-Brazil nut “meatballs” with mango chutney and cool marinara sauce on a Napa cabbage leaf. Yum!

Angelica Kitchen

Organic minded kitchen serves many delightful foods such as the Pantry Plate which includes rich walnut-lentil pâté, mellow humus, and ruby sauerkraut. If you like something a bit spicier you can try the massive Dragon Bowls equipped with tofu, rice, beans, and steamed vegetables with dressings that have a kick due to the black sesame wasabi.


Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, this elegant vegan restaurant offers a full menu, from brunch to dinner, in an elegant setting that makes you want to dress up. The food is fresh from the farm to the table and consists of many delights like the pumpkin spiced French toast and vegetable tofu scramble. If you’re gluten free don’t be afraid to stop in as the menu caters to that as well.

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