Hand Grenades & Gypsies – New Orleans on New Years Eve


Last year my ex-boyfriend and I decided to go on a weekend trip to New Orleans for New Years Eve. It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing as we only planned for the trip about a month in advance, deciding to drive a good 9 hours from St. Augustine, FL to the swamps of Louisiana. The best trips, in my opinion, are the ones where you have little to no plans and you just go!

47585_4795860186215_1298583443_nBourbon Street, New Orleans

This is Bourbon Street, one of the busiest and craziest streets in New Orleans. It’s located in the heart of New Orleans’ oldest neighborhood, the French Quarter, where you can find anything from bars / clubs to antique shops and restaurants. It’s where we spent the majority of our trip and is the perfect place to make friends with the locals, experience the NOLA culture and drink hand grenades.  





6347_4795915627601_28991182_nSt. Louis Cathedral, French Quarter 

The streets within the French Quarter are filled with artists and extreme performers that will give you quite the show. One of the things I loved most about the French Quarter was the old architecture and the culture. The cobble stone streets and old rustic buildings, the gypsies performing for cash and the laid back atmosphere. It’s a very different, exhilarating feeling you get that you can’t find anywhere else, not like Nola!



537921_4795849705953_375408842_nCafe du Monde, eating beignets and drinking coffee

Along with the French Quarter, Cafe du Monde is a must-do when you go to New Orleans.

The cafe is located within the French Market right next to the Mississippi River. So when you’re done eating your beignets and had your morning dose of caffeine, grab your friends and take a stroll along the river.

Another good breakfast place to go to after a long night of partying is Mothers where they are known for the world’s best baked ham. When you first get there I’m sure there will be a long line, but don’t fret, the food is well worth the wait.


206821_4797547268391_1566928739_nNew Orleans Aquarium


Even though New Orleans is known for their Mardi Gras, I would say it was the best place that I’ve been to for New Years Eve. It’s not super crowded like New York City and if you’re anything like me, you hate the cold weather, so it was the perfect mix of warmth and party.

A little recap on what to do in New Orleans:

  • Experience the French Quarter
  • Get a street show from the gypsies of Bourbon Street
  • Try the beignets and coffee at Cafe du Monde
  • Eat more and try the ham at Mother’s Restaurant
  • Get crazy with the hand grenades
  • Party like it’s 1999 😉



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4 thoughts on “Hand Grenades & Gypsies – New Orleans on New Years Eve

  1. You forgot to visit the garden district! John took me when we went! You get to take a nice trolley ride to get there as well, what about the casino!

      1. Well, first, I think that you would love visiting the French Quarter for a few days. The artetchciure, food, and music is fantastic. New Orleans is overlooked when you think about cities in the U.S. with a long rich history. New Orleans is particularly interesting because it has a really unique culture that has stayed strong over so many years and challenges. Basically I think everyone should visit. It is less expensive than San Francisco, but with tons to do and see and learn.

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