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When I first got to Taiwan I wanted to try every single food item they had: Beef noodle soup, dumplings, bubble tea and even the stinky tofu! And at the beginning I tried my best to neglect any western foods. However, there comes a time in your travels where you find yourself looking for just that: a burger and fries or a margheritta pizza that’s cooked in a brick oven. During my time here I’ve kept an eye out for a nice burger joint where I could get some real, unprocessed ground beef and so far I’ve been unsuccessful. Until now!

I’ve found a delicious burger joint that reminds your taste buds of western barbeques. When I first heard of the place I thought that everyone was lying: fresh ground beef and hand-made patties? In Taiwan? Nooooooo. But it’s true. The restaurant is called Cloud 9 and was once located in the beautiful beach town of Wushi, Taiwan. It was the perfect place to go after a surf for a burger and a beer and to chill out with friends.

Every Girl, EverywhereEvery Girl, EverywhereThe staff and owners are the friendliest of the sort. The minute I walked in their faces bloomed and with words that welcomed me in such a kind manner. 
Every Girl, Everywhere

Prices are beyond reasonable and worth every penny. Every Girl, Everywhere Every Girl, Everywhere

I love people who have a laid-back mentality and the vibe in Cloud 9 gives you that sensation. Maybe it was the displayed art or the fact that the owner is a surfer. Either way, I always feel comfortable and relaxed whenever I come here.
Every Girl, Everywhere Every Girl, Everywhere Every Girl, Everywhere

Thankfully, Cloud 9 knows how to cater to westerners as well aka English menu. Every Girl, Everywhere

Every Girl, Everywhere

I love patio dining, so I naturally fell in love with this place. It might not have beautiful landscape views, but the food and hospitality make up for it. Every Girl, EverywhereEvery Girl, Everywhere

1. Who owns Cloud9? Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? 
Matt & I own Cloud 9. The cool thing is, up till March this year, neither of us saw it coming. In a mere two months we hatched the idea, decided to go for it, secured the location, setup the stuff, and developed all the systems to run it. It was intense and challenging, but so immensely satisfying.
Specially for Every Girl, Everywhere as a women’s blog, I’d share this: I’m a city girl and for most of my life saw the corporate world as where I should be. But a little part of me always wanted to own my own little setup and build something that represented me; a daunting thing at the back of my mind that I’d start on in the distant future. When the opportunity presented itself with the right spot, the right conditions and the right partnership, it was still a leap of faith for both of us but was worth it. Hence Cloud 9 not only aptly named as “a feeling of extreme happiness, like floating on air”, nor after the surf spot in Philippines, but also for us a dreamy reality.
2. What makes Cloud9 different than any other restaurant in Taipei? 
We set out to focus on the craft of making good food. It’s about the flavors, the freshness, the process, but also the very art of cooking it just right. Matt’s worked in restaurants back in California and understands true western flavors and cooking styles, and we want to bring that to Taipei. We made our burger to be just that simple, good old burger, focused on the texture and natural flavor of the meats. We use quality ingredients, and where those weren’t found locally, we’d bring them in.
Another thing too: back at our first location at Wushi, the kitchen and seating were all one area. It worked out really well in that we enjoyed getting to know our customers and letting our customers get to know us. That personal touch , that home-style atmosphere, is what we hope to keep in Taipei.
3. Will there be any changes to the menu to go along with the big move? 
We’re keeping the most part of it. But Matt is a great chef and has plenty more really, really good dishes that should really be added to the menu. Stuff maybe like pulled pork, ribs, fish… Depending on the spot and the crowd, we’ve certainly got to work some of those in.
4. What’s your favorite item on the menu and why? 
That’s got to be the sliders. Every patty is handcrafted for that perfect juicy satisfaction. Matt & I, we could eat the sliders day in day out. People have been coming back for more, some even returning within the same day, saying this is the best burger they’ve had in a long, long time, and we are so flattered to hear that. Aside, the quesadillas have also been a hot favorite amongst foreigners and locals alike!

So what’s my restaurant review grade?

Restaurant Review Grade

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