The Best Ways To Comfortably & Efficeintly Travel By Airplane

Scuba Diving ThailandSome of the most anxious times of my life have been while I was arriving at the airport or getting comfortable on a plane. It’s not that I hate flying (although I do get anxiety) but the whole process of checking your bags, getting through security and getting comfortable on a plane can be a bit… ehh… nerve-racking.

I will always remember the time I was on my way to Taiwan and I just couldn’t get comfortable – I couldn’t sleep, I was cold, and I had anxiety out of my who-ha that took me straight into a full fledge panic attack that I didn’t even know I was having. I literally had to ask the guy next to me if I could lay my head down on his shoulder because I really thought I was going to die. That stories for another time though.

I figured out that all this anxiety was coming from the unknown – not knowing every little detail of my trip, but also from the minor things that I could adjust to make my travels a bit more pleasurable. Thankfully, I’ve talked to so many people since I’ve been back in the states and they have similar problems when it comes to flying.

So what I’ve done is come up with a listicle (who would’ve thought – it’s 2016) on ways that we can all be more comfortable and travel more efficiently by plane.

Make a list of things you need on your Evernote app

I personally love Evernote. I use it everyday to take notes on or store resumes, pictures, and store my social media marketing notes. This is where you can easily make a list of things you need for your travels and easily get to it by creating a shortcut. Super efficient, super effective.

Download your airline’s app

What I’ve found that helps me get through the lines much quicker is checking-in via the airline’s mobile app. This way you can choose your seat (if you haven’t already), not worry about printing or paying the airlines to print your ticket and skip the lines. You can also check if there’s any delays or if your gate changes. All you have to do once you arrive at the airport is check your bags and away you go!

Download the app… it’ll make your life so much easier!

How to travel sarongBring a light sweater or Sarong

I always bring a sarong no matter where I go. I use it as a blanket because we all know have fiercely cold the planes can get plus having a blanket makes me feel more comfortable and secure. There’s still no getting me to fall asleep on a plane, but it still helps.

Bring a pair of socks

My feet are always the first to get cold if I’m wearing sandals on the plane. I hate being cold – so bringing socks is essential.

How to travel Have your ID and boarding pass readily available

It never fails that you’re running late to your gate or trying to get through security as fast as possible and you lose your ID in your huge purse. Once you finish checking your bags keep your ID and boarding pass/phone out because they will be checking it again before security. This helps you get through the lines faster and doesn’t cause a pause in the line that EVERYONE hates!

Dress nice, but comfortable i.e. wear a long skirt

A trick to getting bumped to first class is dressing nice. They don’t want just anyone getting the VIP treatment, they’re looking for someone who looks like they should be there. Flight attendants look for someone who seems to travel a lot and has money to buy first class next time they fly. So dressing nice helps!

Wearing a skirt is a way to dress nice but still be comfortable. I love wearing long, comfy skirts to the airport. 🙂

Bring headphones

I don’t download a lot of music or audio books on my phone because the storage is mainly taken up by pictures and videos. However, I do love listening to podcasts while traveling. If music or listening to audio books soothes you, then bring headphones.

Goepeng MalaysiaBring something to keep you busy like a book, adult coloring book or a notebook to write in

Bringing one of the above always helps me keep my mind off the flight, especially writing. This helps pass the time a little more too, so your waiting time or flight doesn’t seem as long.


What are your thoughts? How do you travel more efficiently? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Kollin Lephart
Kollin is an avid traveler and entrepreneur. When she's not working as a Marketing Consultant, she's strategizing ways to make Every Girl, Everywhere even better. She's passionate about helping people, traveling and living the best life possible.

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