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When venturing around Chicago, I’ve been asked many times what’s there to do that’s reasonably priced?

It’s true that Chicago is one of the more expensive cities to visit in the United States. It’s rich in culture and activities and is a huge tourist attraction for those in the Midwest. ¬†However, what a lot of people don’t know is there are many different outdoor activities at no cost at all. That’s right.. free.

Today was a beautiful day in the city, ¬†so I thought I’d share a few activities that you can do when playing tourist on a budget.

The Cloud Gate (aka The Bean) is something that’s a “must see” if you’re visiting Millennium Park. The giant reflective bean shaped sculpture is a fun, family friendly activity that you can do anytime of the year. Kids especially enjoy this fun house as it is a reflection of you, but with chubby cheeks, giraffe-like neck and distorted figure. Great photography opportunity!

Love music and architecture? Well, only a few steps away from the bean you’ll find the famous Pritzker Pavilion. On Mondays, the pavilion is packed with families and young professionals who are there to listen to music and get a free show. The dynamic outdoor amphitheatre is the perfect place for a picnic with friends and family, and let’s not forget to mention it’s BYOB! It’s one of Chicago’s most visited architectural cites with stunning views and friendly atmosphere.

The Lurie Garden is a summertime favorite for those who love romantic walks and nature. The 2.5 acre garden is a peaceful enclave for those who want to get away from the city to enjoy a peaceful stroll. Dip your toes in the waterfalls or put your nose to the flowers, either way you’ll get a great sensation of the fabulous landscape.

Chicago flourishes on its’ many attractions and activities with options ranging from spending $300 a day to basically nothing at all. It’s really up to you how you want to experience the Windy City.


Photographed by: Christopher Whatton

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