1 Month Volunteering with Radak Adventure

Travel MalaysiaToday marks 3 weeks and 4 days into our 4 week stay with Radak Adventure in Gopeng, Malaysia. When we first got here we weren’t sure about this place. What I mean is… we felt like most would feel not knowing someone, unsure of where you’re staying, and just the overall vibe of this adventure company. This changed almost instantly. We initially were looking for places to volunteer on HelpX, but thankfully ran across RA through an outside source, volunteerbase. At Radak, you can volunteer a minimum of a month and in return of your hard-work: free stay, free food, and free activities! It’s been absolutely wonderful.

Since we’ve arrived the RA team has been nothing less than overly hospitable. Every day we are spoiled through kindness and generosity… and the tons of free food. Rio (the head honcho) cares a lot about is volunteers and is always asking how we feel and if we need anything. Rio’s favorite phrase: Enjoy guys! Who couldn’t love someone like that?Radak adventureRadak adventureSo volunteering goes something like this – In the mornings we start around 9ish with breakfast and a bike ride if you can beat the scorching heat. From there we start working on a number of projects around the campsite or guesthouse like building decorations, painting the dorm rooms, preparing a menu layout and a bit of marketing. Everyday we’re doing something new. Some days there are times when you have nothing to do, but that’s when you put on your thinking cap and think outside the box. Here you need to be creative; in all senses.Radak AdventureTravelThe vibe at Radak Adventure campsite and guesthouse is extremely relaxed. If you have an idea for decorating, food or anything, you just tell the boss and 99.8% of the time he agrees. The boss doesn’t make you stress about the hours you work just as long as your being productive. The team’s focus is to attend to the clients and be sure the volunteers are happy. That’s it and all you need.

I’ve really, truly enjoyed my time here. Both Caleb and I’ve grown close to the team that we now crack jokes and even do a shoulder punch every now and then. We share stories about our cultures, ideas and lifestyles and learn about the different landscapes and areas in each other’s home countries. I love listening to Rio and Jaja and hearing about their adventures.Radak AdventureIf you’re interested in travel, the outdoors, volunteering, meeting other foreigners, meeting local malays, listening to adventure stories or just need a place to get away from the world – come to Radak Adventure! They’ll take care of you here.

For anyone interested in volunteering with the company you can find them on HelpX, WorkAway, Facebook, or contact them directly on their website.


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