Teaching English as a Foreign Language – A Different Kind of Traveling


For those who have the travel bug, I have found the PERFECT thing for you.

It’s called TEFL, or another words, Teaching English as a Foreign Language

TEFL is a certificate that people get who want to travel, get paid and educate those in other countries who want to learn how to speak English. It’s been my new obsession these past few months and as graduation grows closer, I’ve been desperately seeking ways on how to get paid and travel.

Last summer, I met a few people in Nicaragua who did this and they absolutely loved it! Although they said there were many ups and downs to teaching in a foreign country, at the same time, there is so much reward to be had and is a wonderful experience.

Some positives about teaching English as a foreign language: 

  • You live in a foreign country and will have the opportunity to experience another culture
  • The pay is decent and sometimes more than you need (depending on your country)
  • You will meet people from all other the world
  • You’re able to explore the land and travel during your free time
  • It’s a great resume builder
  • Sometimes – you get free stay and help obtaining your Visa
  • You can be a tutor to make some extra cash

Some negatives to teaching English as a foreign language: 

  • There are times that you will get lonely
  • Your “salary” is sometimes only enough to cover the basics
  • You’re in a foreign country so you must adapt to their culture

Those all just contradicted each other… I know. But it really depends on YOU and what YOU make of it.

I’m not someone who needs much – so this would be perfect for me! But if you’re the kind of person who likes to go shopping all the time, has more bills than you know what to do with and wants to live a more luxurious lifestyle, then maybe you should re-think this whole TEFL thing.

Here’s my advice to you.


Take this as an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and to experience a new and exciting culture. Who knows where it may lead you to next!


Kollin Lephart
Kollin is an avid traveler and entrepreneur. When she's not working as a Marketing Consultant, she's strategizing ways to make Every Girl, Everywhere even better. She's passionate about helping people, traveling and living the best life possible.

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