The Beautiful Wai’ao and Why You Shouldn’t Go

I’ve lived in Keelung for a little over a month and so far I’ve spent only one weekend there. Don’t get me wrong I love Keelung, but coming straight from Chicago I’ve found that I’d rather be by the ocean or up in the mountains than feeling trapped between buildings that I’m not even allowed inside of.

So where have I been these past few weekends? Well, if you’ve been following me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (@everywhere_girl)  you’ll see that I’ve been obsessing over this place called Wai’ao, a beautiful beach town along the northeast coast of Taiwan. The town is just a few stops away from the busy Fulong train stop and it’s been my favorite destination thus far. BUT, I don’t think you should go there.

Every Girl, Everywhere

The beach is clean and not very crowded, yet. People are respectful and nice to one another and the volunteers who clean the beach, the stalls and the boardwalks aren’t weighed down by trash. Summer is coming and the beach and ocean are beautiful, and I don’t think you should go.

Every Girl, Everywhere

I’ve had some fun days in Wai’ao surfing with friends, playing volleyball on the beach and enjoying the late night talks by the camp fire. When the moon is full, we dance to the sounds of the waves and share stories of our travels and vivacious lives. In the mornings I wake up to the sound of birds chirping and the dedicated surfers getting ready for the morning swell. It’s a great time, no doubt. BUT I still think you shouldn’t go.

Every Girl, EverywhereEvery Girl, EverywhereGet ready foreigners! There’s a Mr. Brown’s Coffee at the end of the boardwalk where you can sit and talk with friends while you drink your coffee and eat egg sandwiches. Also, there’s a hostel on the other side of the boardwalk called, Rising Sun Surf Inn, where they serve HAMBURGERS, QUESADILLAS, FRIES, CHICKEN SANDWICHES AND BACON! (Sorry. I had to scream that little note since you can’t find those foods hardly anywhere in Taiwan.) These places make the beach more convenient for travelers. However, I realllllly don’t think you should go.

It’s just not for you. And I’ll tell you why…

Every Girl, Everywhere

The Rising Sun Surf Inn volunteers put a lot of hours in cleaning the beach and are not there to clean up your mess. You know, those Taiwan Beer cans that you leave on the beach or the nasty cigarette butts you carelessly throw on the ground. The locals really don’t like walking around in the mornings picking up YOUR garbage. Actually, the locals and staff at the hostel probably wouldn’t mind because they’re super sweet people, but that’s not the point.

The point is that I hate going to beaches where people don’t clean up after themselves. I’ve seen so many beautiful beaches where tourists or just people with horrible manners come in and think it’s a huge party and completely trash the place. I get it, you were too drunk to remember. But unless you’re going to wake your careless, hungover ass up in the morning, please don’t litter.

Wai’ao is a very low-key beach town that many people don’t know about. Often times when I tell people where I’m going, I have to refer back to Fulong beach for them to understand the general area. This beach is fairly new and I love it because it’s less crowded and clean.

I really, truly think you should come here. The people are the nicest, most inviting people I’ve met and the facilities are kept clean and stocked with toilet paper and sometimes even soap. There are little restaurants on the boardwalk and like I said above, a Mr. Brown’s Coffee and Rising Sun Surf hostel can also accommodate you in other ways. The waves are for all types of surfers and the beach is a beautiful black sand paradise. I love it here and I know you will too.

So please, keep the beach clean and pick up after yourselves. Be respectful to the locals, the stray dogs and to everyone and everything around you. Wai’ao is filled with beauty and love, let’s keep it that way (;



Are you interested in volunteering while in Taiwan? Let me know! Wai’ao and other towns across Taiwan are in need of assistance throughout the big beautiful hermosa island.


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