The Chicago Polar Vortex 2014 – What I’m Missing Out On!

Today I am suppose to go to my grandparents house to spend time with family before my big move to Taiwan. Instead, I’m stuck in the house watching cartoons with my brother and advertising my apartment on Craigslist… for the millionth time. It seems the weather always decides to act up on the days that I’m suppose to be traveling. For instance, I was planning to go back to Chicago twice at the beginning of the year and didn’t make either trip because of the weather. Thank you Mother Nature!

One thing is for sure –  Chicago has gotten one hell of a ice storm lately and I’m totally jealous. They’re calling it the Polar Vortex 2014. Take a look at some of the images I’ve snagged off the internet. They’re pretty cool and make me wish I was up there with my new fancy shmancy camera 🙂

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The photos used are not mine and can be found at the websites listed below:


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