Top 10 Activities to Enjoy in Gopeng, Malaysia

As Malaysia is increasingly becoming more popular there are many things to consider when traveling through this beautiful country like transportation, costs, food, stay and activities. But anyone who knows Malaysia is aware that it’s not only cheap, but offers unlimited activities ranging from bravely walking along the edge of the Kuala Lumpur Tower to jungle trekking in Taman Negara National Park.

It’s normal to meet travelers backpacking from Kuala Lumpur to Penang or vise versa, but many people don’t know about a hidden adventure town, Gopeng, that’s smack dab in the middle of the two cities. It’s a small town indeed, but due to the ever growing adventure company, Radak Adventure, and its soon-to-open guesthouse, Gopeng Guesthouse, the towns increasing popularity is one to watch.

So what can you do in this quaint adventure town? Here are the top 10 activities to enjoy while traveling to Gopeng.

rafting malaysiaWhite Water Rafting

Take an exhilarating ride down the raging rapids with adventure guides and friends through the lush jungles of Malaysia.

Gua Tempurung Cave

A scenic, rugged route turned adventure quest is what you’ll undergo during your guided tour through the caves many passage ways. Caution to those with cameras – you WILL get wet.

Gopeng malaysiaWaterfall Abseiling

Rope down Gopeng’s famous waterfall that’s suitable for all levels of expertise. It’s an fascinating decent that’ll leave you climbing up the mountain for more!

gopeng malaysiaSunset Hiking

Like rare flowers and radiant sunsets? Then you’ll really enjoy this 45 minute hike to the top of one of the many mountains in Gopeng. It’s a breathtaking view from its peak and if you’re lucky, an ultra beautiful surprise may occur as the Raffleasia is known to be seen along the sunset hike trail.

Hot Springs with Butterflies

Take a dip into Gopeng’s few hot springs that are surrounded by swarms of large colorful butterflies. How cool is that?

Market GopengTuesday Morning Market

If you need clothes, toiletries, or just want to grab a bite of the local Malay food, the Tuesday morning market is the spot for you. You can find the market behind the bus station and open from about 8-11 a.m.

Gopeng History Museum and Heritage House

Take a vacation from the markets and outdoor activities and head over to the history museum and Heritage House for a slice of Gopeng’s history.

Gopeng MalaysiaThe Twin Lakes

Separated by a small path, the two lakes are inches away from each other but have their own unique tones of green and blue. At the lakes you can also find different kinds of plant life like the sister of the venus fly trap and bashful leaves that close when you touch them.

gopeng malaysiagopeng malaysiaKellie’s Castle

This unique attraction for a Malaysian city is one for the books! Located on the main highway between Gopeng and Ipoh is the unfinished, ruined mansion built by a Scottish planter as a castle of love for his wife. It’s extremely pleasant to see during the day, but beware there’s stories of it being haunted!


gopeng malaysiaHerbs Garden

A place where local fruits and vegetables grow, this herbs garden sits among a small lake with a mountainous view.


Planning a trip to Malaysia and need more information about Gopeng? Feel free to leave a comment below with any questions!

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Activities to Enjoy in Gopeng, Malaysia

  1. I’m debating right now between travelling to Asia or South America next year, and this post just makes it that much harder. Malaysia looks perfect for experiencing nature, history and adventure (I’m a sucker for adrenaline rushes).
    Andrea recently posted…What I Hate About TravellingMy Profile

    1. Honestly I’m a sucker for the Latino culture. I love the music, the vibes and everything in between. But Asia is something special, something you can’t find anywhere else in the world. I’m so glad I came here. Plus it’s cheap so that’s a win! 😉

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