Trekking Taiwan: Volcanos, Waterfalls & Mountains

Hiking, surfing, scuba diving, rock climbing, night markets – it’s no wonder I rave about Taiwan being Southeast Asia’s best kept secret. It’s a country filled with outdoor adventures just waiting for you to traverse. One of my favorite things about Taiwan is the vast hiking trails and mountains to explore. Each trail is different and offers a variety of sceneries, land and challenges and ranges anywhere from beginner to professional. But what if you’re only staying in Taiwan for a weekend?

I’m not saying you can see and do everything within a weekend, but when flying into Taipei you have the whole northeast coast at the palm of your hands. For the adventure seekers who also want to see the sights – here are my favorite hikes and attractions that you can dissect in a weekend.


Teapot Mountain

This hike took a surprising turn when we found out that you can scooter about 3/4 of the way up. Offering great views and multiple stopping points, Teapot Mountain would definitely be ranked in my top five favorite hikes. Not only do you get great views of the Pacific Ocean, but you also can see the small town of Jinguashi, Keelung mountain and all other surrounding mountains as well.

The hike took us about 20 minutes, not including our long stop at a steep ridge for a epic photo opportunity. You can find Teapot Mountain in between Jinguashi and Jiufen where you can find food, drinks and a great view of Taiwan’s northeast coast.


Yehliu Geo Park

A wicked place to check out with an array of mushroom rocks. The most famous one to see is called the Queen’s Head. These rocks were formed over time by erosion and scientists say that some of the best one’s like the Queen’s head won’t be around for long. The park’s entrance fee is $80NT for adults and includes a full day at the park with a couple small cafés to grab a snack and some coffee.

TaiwanTaiwanTaiwanStinky KollinYangmingshan National Park

It was very cold and windy the day we hiked 1,120 meters to the top of Qixing Mountain. I loved this hike because you got a 360 view of Taiwan that included the mountains, ocean, Taipei city and, when we went, the clouds. There’s not many places to snack or buy water once you’re in the park so I’d recommend preparing in advance.



Another one of my top 5 favorite trails mainly because you get to see 3 waterfalls and the trail itself is a lot of fun. When hiking the Sandiaoling trail you’ll encounter large boulders, mud slides (if it recently rained), tall grass and bamboo, rope bridges and steep climbs where you’ll have to use a rope to get to the top. Also, this trek is really enjoyable in the summer because you’re covered from the sun 98% of the time and once you reach the top there’s a small natural pool to cool down in. I don’t think this trail can get much better than that.

Side notes: 

  • You can do Yangmingshan and Yehliu in one day, but start early so you can beat the sun and the crowds.
  • Also, if you want you can do Sandiaoling and Teapot Mountain in one day, too. But I would recommend doing Sandiaoling early in the morning, then Teapot after so you can enjoy Jiufen at night.


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