Weekly Wanderings- On Reflections, Changes in Travel & Fitness

Every Girl, EverywhereHappy Friday!

I hope everyone is gearing for the weekend ahead and has many plans to get out and do something adventurous! During the weekends I like to take the time to try something new, whether it be exploring a new place, reading a new book, transforming my tastebuds or trying a new workout. Diversity keeps the mind keen and there are millions of opportunities in this big world ready for you to embrace. Starting this week I will have a weekly round-up of articles posted on Fridays that I find inspiring or helpful. They will range anywhere from health and fitness to travel and fashion with twists including contests and volunteer opportunities! I believe in sharing stories and ideas for other people to enjoy and learn from – so now every Friday you can learn something new on the Every Girl, Everywhere! To inspire, to help or just to hold – Here are some articles that I’ve found throughout the week!

  • Reflections on One Year of Nomadic Living | In Words – To put it simply, the past year has been nothing less than amazing. Not easy, by any means, but amazing. When we packed up our lives in Taiwan and headed out on this nomadic journey, we didn’t really know where we would go or what we would do. Because this was in no way a ‘gap year’ or a trip with a finite end, we didn’t feel any pressure to plan farther than a few months ahead at a time.
  • A Photo Essay: Las Vegas, Nevada – We have never been that intrigued with Las Vegas—sure, it sounded fine, but it really isn’t our style. While we enjoy visiting cities here and there, our favorite adventures are adrenaline packed and out exploring nature, and that isn’t something widely associated with Las Vegas. Throughout the years, Vegas trips have come up in conversation, but they always ended up getting pushed aside for another destination.
  • The 6 Most Significant Changes In Travel in the Last 20 Years – I SPENT 6 YEARS as a young traveler exploring the globe, and have been fortunate to have spent the last 18 years working in the travel industry, both in the inbound and the outbound tourism markets. The concept of going on a holiday hasn’t really changed in the last two decades. There’s still the aspiration, the need to fund it, plan for it, book it, and travel to it.
  • Motivation Monday – Ariana’s Story – How She Lost 20 Pounds and Changed Her Life! – This beautiful team member knows exactly how to balance her healthy lifestyle while still enjoying her favorite treats. We’re so inspired by her transformation and we are thrilled to hear she just got engaged! Keep reading for all of her amazing tips and a HUGE dose of motivation… Make sure you also follow along with your scheduled workouts for the week! You’re going to love all the toning & fat burning routines!
  • 10 Simple Ways I Beat the Bloat – I remember the days when I’d overeat and find myself slumped on the couch feeling bloated and tired. Today, I enjoy bloat-free eating and feel fantastic, and I credit much of this to eating less meat and dairy and more plant-based foods. If you’re not quite ready to give up all your steak-and-potato dinners, I am happy to share with you some key tips to avoid the bloat. Being bloated can make everything feel like a chore — zipping up your pants, sitting at your desk and even sleeping.



Do you have an article that you find inspiring or helpful that you think the EGE readers will enjoy? If so, please share in the comments below!


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Kollin Lephart
Kollin is an avid traveler and entrepreneur. When she's not working as a Marketing Consultant, she's strategizing ways to make Every Girl, Everywhere even better. She's passionate about helping people, traveling and living the best life possible.

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