Weekly Wanderings: Travel Hacking, Fitness & Financial Safety

Travel Happy Friday!

I hope everyone is gearing for the weekend ahead and has many plans to get out and do something adventurous! During the weekends I like to take time to try something new, whether it be exploring a new place, reading a new book, transforming my tastebuds or challenging myself to a new workout. Diversity keeps the mind keen and there are millions of opportunities in this big world ready for you to embrace.

I’m excited about 2015 and want to begin the year off right by sharing some of this week’s top posts. These articles were the most interesting and chosen by EGErs that range from financial safety nets for long-term travelers to exercises ditched and fitness challenges for travel gurus. We find these bloggers and posts to be great weekend inspiration.

To inspire, to help or just to hold – Here are some articles that we’ve found throughout the week!

  • 7 Types of Financial Safety Net for Long-Term Travel – You may be the most adventurous adventurer there is, but even you probably wouldn’t want to end up with no money in a foreign country. It’s always awesome to encounter the kindness of strangers during a trip (like the time I ran out of local currency in Taiwan). It’s not so awesome to be in a position to need strangers to extend their kindness.
  • How to Start Travel Hacking – One thing I noticed this year was how many people actually don’t use their credit cards for travel hacking, and it surprised me. I am so used to being surrounded by people in the travel-sphere, fellow long-term travelers, digital nomads.. All people who are travel hacking wizards.
  • Fitness Experts Tell All: “Exercises I Ditched and What I Do Instead – As a group fitness instructor and certified personal trainer, I make it a point to be not only aware of the latest health and fitness news but also to realize when something I am teaching to my students is not as beneficial as I previously thought.
  • 2015’s Top Travel Destinations: 5 Ecotourism Experts Weigh In – The New Year brings with it an annual rite of passage as reliable as the swallows returning to Capistrano or the Great Migration of Kenya and Tanzania. Every travel magazine under the sun feels it their moral obligation to predict the top travel destinations for the coming year, while every travel blogger (including us) waxes rhapsodic about the wanderlust adventures that dance like so many sugarplums in their heads.
  • Smart Ways to Stay in Shape Whilst Traveling – Travelling is an incredibly enriching and rewarding experience, so much to see, do and absorb. The dark side of travel is often the weight gain and loss of fitness, which comes from the enjoyment of rich food, fancy cocktails and a change in routine. Ensure that your come home looking fit and fabulous and still enjoy your holiday with these easy fit tips for healthy travel.

 Enjoy this week’s weekly wanderings? If so, please share your thoughts below.

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