What to Pack For A Week in Taiwan


My best friend is coming to visit and I’m super excited! One of the main questions I get when people are planning to visit Taiwan is what they should bring. Of course my first instinct is to say a light rain jacket and mosquito repellent, but both of those you can find here and at a very cheap price. However, there are other things I would say are quite vital to pack when planning a week in Taiwan.


Here is my list of forgettable things to pack.

Traveling backpack – When my best friend is here I plan on doing some exploring and don’t see any other way of doing so than hiking, camping, and scootering around the island. Having a reliable backpack will help with out any traveling and any obstacles we may encounter.

Walking shoes/Sandals – These are the only two kinds of shoes I would recommend bringing. Taiwan’s rainy season is no joke so you won’t find yourself walking around in Tom’s unless it’s a nice, dry day. Sandals are nice because if they get wet and dirty you can just wash them off in the ocean or a waterfall along the street.

1 Light Sweater/Jacket – Sometimes it gets a little wet and chilly, it seems to come unexpectedly. Bring a light rain jacket and kill two birds with one stone (;

Sunblock – Believe it or not, I’ve a hard time finding sunblock! Maybe because the Taiwanese people use umbrellas to block the sun and wear long sleeves and pants during the summer. They’re crazy! Be proactive and pack a bottle of your favorite sunblock… you’ll thank me later.

Deodorant – I hear (but haven’t experienced yet) that the locals don’t wear much deodorant. Which means that it’s harder to find because the demand isn’t so great. We’ll see. DON’T FORGET YOUR DEODORANT.


Tampons – YES. A BIG ONE! Tampons are hard to find here. In Taiwan, the women prefer wearing pads and only tampons when they swim.

Adaptor – Some plugs look the same but the voltages are not. Find an adaptor that regulates the voltage and turns your three prong plug into a two prong.

Copies of your passport, I.D. and credit cards – When I got all my stuff stolen in Nicaragua the only thing that really saved me was the copies I made of my cards and passport. This can be sketchy because if someone gets ahold of it they will have all your information. But if it wasn’t for all the proof that I was indeed me, I’d be stuck in Nicaragua for who knows how long.


Along with everything listed above, I would recommend bringing the obvious things like shorts, tank tops, loose fitting clothes, long pants for hiking and a long sleeve shirt or two incase you get cold.

At the end of the day, everything you need you can buy in Taiwan at a low price.


Find my post helpful? Leave a comment below or add any additional items that I may have missed!



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Kollin Lephart
Kollin is an avid traveler and entrepreneur. When she's not working as a Marketing Consultant, she's strategizing ways to make Every Girl, Everywhere even better. She's passionate about helping people, traveling and living the best life possible.

5 thoughts on “What to Pack For A Week in Taiwan

  1. Your favorite toiletries/every day/evening items. We take for granted some of the everyday items that we use when we are internationally traveling. A specific type of gum that I chew could not be found anywhere in Japan, or the toothpaste is “interesting” in some places. You can find your normal items such as hair brushes, toothbrushes, etc but some of the most simplest items that does not take much room may allow for a comfort level that may be needed or appreciated on a stressful day. An example is a UK friend of mine that has a cup of tea to relax in the evening and can not find his favorite kind in the the US, having a little plastic bag of his favorite tea allows for a relaxing evening with friends and allows for a “normal” decompression time. Another item to note: Finding large size clothing in Asian countries is difficult. I am a larger business man and tall in Asia. While discussing casual clothing with some locals I was told that I “may” be able to find a few tee shirts in my size but I would not be able to find any pants and if I needed work clothing I probably would have to have my work pants tailored for my size and height.

    1. I know what you mean! There’s literally one box here that I’ve seen that sells tampons and it only has around 12 or so inside. No applicator or anything.

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