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In early November I accepted an offer to teach English abroad with a fabulous organization called HESS. Ever since I’ve been focusing on finishing school and preparing for my big move. It’s an anxious feeling knowing that you will be hundreds of miles away from your family and friends, and that you are truly on your own. Eeeek! But at the same time I know that this will be a life changing experience that will help me in many ways for the future.

The organization I’m working for is HESS International Education Organization, who place teachers in Taiwan, China, Korea and Singapore based off your personal preference. They have been such a great organization to work with thus far and I am more than excited to be working with them this coming February. For those who are looking to save money and in Southeast Asia, I would highly recommend HESS!

All in all, it’s going to be one hell of an adventure and I invite you all to follow me on my trip and share any advice that you have for this soon to be Taiwanese resident! Check out the pictures below of some of the magnificence that Taiwan brings to the table. It’s a beautiful country that hundreds of people recommend visiting and one that I’m anxious to explore and share with my readers.

Beaches, Surf, Ocean, LoveGuan Du Temple
Temples, Culture, Architecture, Love

Hot Springs
Hot Springs, Forest, Mountains, Hiking, LoveMountain road
National Parks, Adventure, Love
Taiwan Temple
More Temples, Yoga, Meditation, Love
Taiwanese Culture

Dance, Culture, Love
mountainsComing up: My packing list for Taiwan and how you can live abroad, too!



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